Amsterdam ex pats

Emmy and Lewis wanted to experience living abroad on a somewhat extended basis.  Amsterdam seemed the perfect place:  it’s perfect for the bicycling obsessed, has a wonderful progressive culture, and we’ve been welcomed by just about the most friendly city people in the world.  Most people speak English and a sincere “dank je vel” goes a long way, even if that is your only shred of Dutch.


  • Ruth warren

    This is so great. How long will you be in Amsterdam? Todd and I wonder if any of your practical tips will apply to our upcoming 4 months in Ghana.

    • Lewis

      Probably not. Sort of different climate; slightly different setting.

      But, a few things we are figuring out apply anywhere: know how to have things sent to where you live as an ex pat; have scans of credit cards, license, and passport; know what forms of payment actually work in the country; have a way to replenish your cash; have a way to keep financial things on the home front up to date.

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