Hermitage Museum

The fabulous Hermitage Museum has a branch in Amsterdam.  It’s the only museum open on Mondays.  They have works from the Hermitage collection on tour.  The presentation of the collection is stunning.

Last one in the caravan only has 1 hump!

Last one in the caravan only has 1 hump!

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  • David Monson

    Hey Guys,
    Sounds like you are having a blast. Keep the posts coming so I can vicariously enjoy Amsterdam even as the snow lingers here.
    Would have loved to have seen the Hermatige. Someday maybe. Does it get some stuff from St. Petersburg on a rotating basis. I am guessing that the Amsterdam one actually preserves the collection better than the Russian counterpart due to more funds and greater desire.
    Did you hear that one of the lost Fabrige (sp) eggs that were commissioned by the czars was found recently in the US. I think the Hermatige has the rest. A guy bought it at a sale not knowing what it was for $14k and when they discovered that it was real its value is now estimated at $33m. I guess it proves that it is never a bad idea to go garage saleing. Something for you to do on a less hectic day if there actually are garage sales in the Neatherlands.
    Keep having fun and sharing with us couch travelers.

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